Thank you for that amazing massage on Monday morning. I loved the depth and pressure of it and your focused presence. Afterwards, I felt physically liberated and a strong sense of stillness and calm within me, which has lasted through the week.

I really value Andrew’s ability to tailor each treatment to address different problems. His extensive training in various disciplines means that he can draw on a variety of techniques during each session; his calm and professional manner is very relaxing and conducive to a therapeutic partnership. The treatment he offers are sometimes less passive and more collaborative, leaving me with the same pleasant, energised feeling as after gentle exercise, and the attention that my underused muscles and joints experience reduces repetitive pain and muscle strain for days afterwards. I’d thoroughly recommend him to everyone!

Vital Detox Testimonials

Andrew's massages are pure bliss! He is highly skilled and made everyone feel really comfortable. - Dec 2011

OMG! Seriously. Has Andrew got healing hands or what?! - Sept 2011

My Top and Tail with Andrew was absolutely delicious. - Dec 2011

Andrew really knows his stuff and was very understanding and professional. He is a caring man with ready humour and I really enjoyed his therapies. I now know more about my body. - May 2011

Really wonderful - Andrew is GOOD

Andrew has such a great range of therapies to offer and his approach is welcoming, friendly and really connected

Enjoyed may not be the word for it! My experience was one of sheer relief to be in the hands of a gifted healer who really embodies his learning, his skill, his gift and delivers a real healing with such love and confidence that I just want to take him home with me.

I had three therapies which were all excellent. Andrew has an excellent rapport and is empathic, likeable and has a good sense of humour. I felt re-energised after each treat

Amazing! Andrew made me feel very relaxed. I loved all the treatments I had.